The Cheapest Kids Luggage: Options for Those Who Are on a Budget

When it comes to buying suitcases or backpacks for kids, the key point for most parents is a price. They try to save money for other travel expenses considering this purchase to be not so important. It may be a really hard task to find the cheapest as well as high quality luggage. Prices for kids travel bags may vary from $ 30 to 150$ and even more.

In this article we make for you the TOP 5 cheapest luggage for kids reviews. Cheap luggage comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find small bags and compact rolling carry-ons as well as luggage sets for a really affordable price. It is up to your needs and budget which travel item to choose for your children.

When you are looking for cheap suitcases or bags, you should be aware of some weak points that you may come across afterwards. The quality of the luggage may not be as good as you expect. But if you take into considerations all advices given in this post, you have a good chance to find luggage that will be worth the money.

Cheapest kids luggage: TOP-5


This type of bag is considered to be one of the best items for travelling either for the weekend or for the long holidays. The bag has a very attractive color that impresses most of the people. It also comes with one size; this is a feature that most of the people consider when selecting a luggage for travelling.

The bag must be of a large size that can be able to carry all staffs required for travelling. The bag is also considered to be cheap kids luggage. It is always worth the price since the bag is always durable, since it is made of polyester. The cheap luggage for kids is also easy to roll; this is because it has a wheel. The wheel helps to reduce the amount of energy one spends when carrying the bag from one place to another either in the airport or in the bus station. The bag is also made in china; it is therefore imported into most of the countries.

  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Light to carry
  • Low quality
Disney Frozen Fever Pilot Case, Purple, One Size
  • Perfect for travel - holds all the essentials
  • Easy to roll
  • Durable quality
  • Measures 16.25 inch height x 11.75 length x 6 inch width
  • 11.75 X 6 X 16.25


The bag is of a large size that measures about 16 by 12,this allows it to pack as much as possible staffs needed for the holidays or weekend travell. The kids luggage sale is also imported from China, one can order his or her at an affordable price. The price of the bag is worth all the duties that it performs. It is made of polyester that makes it more durable, making it hard to get destroyed. It has a plastic handle.

The handle can be extended at different sizes. It is more easy to operate. This is one of the important factors that one needs to consider when selecting the best luggage for travel. It also has a top handle. The size of the bag can be able to carry a large amount t of staffs that one needs for the tour. The bag is also easy to clean since it is made of polyester that can be wiped. The kid’s suitcase sale is also kids friendly, the color is designed to impress most of the small kids, and it is of a bright color that is perfect for day trip or night stay. This bag is also lighter to carry. The cheap kids luggage for kids has wheel, this makes it, easier to roll.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Light to carry
  • Cheap
  • One size available
Disney Doc Mcstuffins Pilot Case Children's Luggage, Pink/Teal
  • Perfect for Travel - holds all the essentials
  • Easy to roll
  • Durable quality
  • Measures 16.25 inch height x 11.75 length x 6 inch width
  • 11.75x6x16.25


The bag comes with a black color. This color is preferred by most of the people since it is hard to catch dirt. The cheap luggage for kids is made of China, therefore it must be imported. The bag comes with a size one size, the size is large enough to pack more items in tithe bag is  made of mixture of polyester and polyvinyl chloride, this  provides a durable feature for the kids luggage sale.

The kid’s suitcase sale has a wheel, this help the individual in moving the luggage from one point to another in the airport or in the bus station, the individual is able to use as less amount of energy. The bag is of an official star and comes in brand new tags.

  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Light to carry
  • Good color
  • Must be imported
Star Wars Luggage Darth Vader In Space 17 Inch Rolling Pilot Case, Black, One Size
  • Official star wars product
  • Brand new with tags
  • Rolling luggage
  • 17x11.5x7.5


The bag comes with a variety of colors. One can therefore choose the best color that suits them. The cheap kids luggage is made is made of a polyester that makes it more durable.

The kid’s suitcase has a wheel that makes it very easy to move in the airports. The bag is also imported from China. The kid’s suitcase sale has a wheel. This makes it easier to roll, thus reducing the amount of energy consumption.

  • Durable
  • Light to carry
  • Good size
  • Easy to handle
  • Difficult to open
Marvel Avengers Pilot Case, Multi, One Size
  • Rolling wheels
  • Pop out handle
  • Durable construction
  • Measures 16.25 inch height x 11.75 length x 6 inch width
  • 11.75 x 6 x 16.25


The bag comes with a variety of colors; one can therefore select their best colors from the variety available. It also comes with a size one size. The size is made big enough to be able to pack as much as possible items in tithe kid’s luggage sale are made of China, it is therefore imported. The bag is a full origin, it has a zipper though the zipper can be hard to close and keeps stopping, and one must hang up on something to make the zipper close. The other thing the bag is also not available in international shipping, selected countries outside the USA.

The bag is also durable enough, this makes it preferable by, most of the individuals, despite the issue with the zipping. The cheap kid’s luggage comes with a bright color, and has a nice design. It also has the best size, thus can pack as much as possible items in the bag. The bag has a wheel this makes it easier to pull around within the airport. The cheap luggage for kids is also worth the price, the materials it is made of are very strong and thus hard to bend them.

  • Strong
  • Easy to pull
  • Durable
  • Nice design
  • Zipping is difficult
My Little Pony Pilot Case, Multicolor, One Size
  • Official licensed my little pony luggage
  • Double zippered
  • Main compartment
  • 15x11.5x5
  • 2 wheels

Pros and Cons that You May Come across

When your kid has his own luggage, you can get a big number of benefits like:

one more bag for
packing useful stuff;

children become more responsible
for their good;

rolling luggage
keeps kids busy
in airport;

provide more independence for
older children

At the same time, you may come across
some difficulties:

one more bag for you to carry if kids become tired;

you should always keep an eye on it as well;

suitcase can easily get damaged or stained as kids are not always careful;

children would like to have another one as their tastes may quickly differ.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Cheapest Luggage for Children

The quality of materials and accessories that are used for producing luggage, influence the price first of all. Cheap soft shell suitcases and backpacks are usually made of polyester. Despite low price this material has a number of benefits. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs. It can be easily washed so you may not worry if your kids get the luggage stained. What is more, travel bags made of polyester are very flexible and you can pack as many things as you need. But be sure not to overload your kid!

If you are in search of hard shell luggage and don’t want to spend a lot of money on the purchase, then choose travel bags made of ABS. It is a common thermoplastic that is popular in cheaper hard sided luggage ranges. It is not so durable as other rigid materials and can be easily scratched. It is of course a big disadvantage as little ones are usually not very careful with their things. Nevertheless, suitcases made of ABS are lightweight and have a great variety of colors and graphics. They are waterproof so you may travel with these bags in any season and not to worry about safety of your goods. All these features and of course affordable price make this luggage really popular in the market today.

The weak point of cheap travel bags are usually zippers. They often have poor quality and may need replacement in a short period of time. Also check carefully the quality of wheels when buying rolling suitcases for the cheapest price. They are usually made of plastic and can be easily damaged while transporting.

Purchasing cheap luggage is always a risky task. You may get a good quality item that will withstand more than one trip and at the same time you cannot be sure that it will be as durable as you may expect.

To choose good quality cheap luggage for kids is a big task. You should consider a big number of factors, the will definitely influence your journey. If you still difficult for you to decide what kind of luggage item to choose among the cheapest ones, study carefully the information below. It should help you to make up your mind.

The Cheapest Hard-shell and Soft-shell Luggage

Material Luggage item Pros Cons
Polyester Soft-shell backpacks, suitcases, bags
  • wide range of colors and styles;
  • flexible;
  • easy to wash;
  • resistant to damages
  • not waterproof enough;
  • smells a bit when new
ABS Hard-shell suitcases
  • a big variety of colors and graphics;
  • hard shell for better protection of goods
  • can be easily scratched;
  • not so durable as other rigid materials

Video — Lady Bug Review

Due to the wide range of kids travel bags on the market today, you can find any to your taste and budget. If you are looking for a cheap suitcase to save money, should choose among soft shell bags made of polyester. They will be light weight and durable enough for your kids use. What is more, children will definitely like amazing design of the luggage. A perfect choice for the smallest ones will be suitcases and bags in the shape of funny animals. This YouTube Video demonstrates that you can find a nice luggage set for an affordable price. Learn about pros and cons of this Skip Hop 3-Piece Travel Set and it may become a reliable companion for your kid on the next trip.

Thanks for Rolling in

We have done a useful research for those who consider saving money when buying luggage for children. Our review of the Top 5 Cheapest Kids luggage should help you to make the right choice when purchasing a proper travel bag for little ones. If you choose one of these luggage items you will be surprised by good quality and nice design despite the low price. Don’t waste time and make your children happy with their own suitcase. If you have already found the cheapest luggage for your kids, you may leave your comment below and share your opinion with other customers. It will be useful for parents who are still in search the perfect travel bags.

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