Going on a holiday with your kids? Don’t forget to buy them their own luggage for travel. It has become a worldwide trend recently. It is so amazing to see young ladies and gentlemen rolling their suitcases at the airport. Nowadays a wide range of brands offer high quality kids luggage to make any trip comfortable not only for parents but for their children as well. Both boys and girls can choose travel item that will be to their taste. Take a look on our best choice for travel on this page! We hope, that descriptions, pictures and video review below will help you to choose the one for your child.

Rockland luggage 20 inch polycarbonate carries on

This bag is made of 100% polycarbonate. This material is of a great benefit since it provides a light weight to the the bag.

Many people consider the issue of weight when selecting any type of bag they need for any holiday or vocation activity. In case the kids travel luggage is of a lightweight the bag is easier to handle while in the airport.

The bag is imported from China, most of the items that are imported from China are considered to be of a high quality. The American tourister kid’s luggage has a dimension of 14.5 high and 22 wide, this factor enables it to pack as much as possible items that are needed by the individual.

The bag is the best for the short holidays, weekend trips or even vocation holidays. The bag is extremely durable due to the fact that it is made using a polycarbonate which is very strong. The bag is able to last for a longer period of time, thus one does not need to be scared of the cost that he or she incurs when purchasing the bag.

The bag has a multidirectional spinner wheel, the wheels help to move the bag from one point to another while in the airport, and one does not need to spend more energy while carrying the bag while moving within the airport premises. The wheel can be able to rotate within 360 degrees, thus making it easy to move within the airports. The bag has an interior mesh that acts as a form of protection to the items packed within the bag since it provides a hard strong protective layer to the bag. The bag has a zip pocket and an elastic pocket with a three year warranty. It also possesses a modern internal chrome telescoping handle with a push bottom handle.

  • Strong
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Wheels can rotate for 360 degrees
  • Poor quality
  • Performance is not on perfection
Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage, Purple Pearl, One Size
  • Love pattern
  • 20 inch polycarbonate carry on
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable polycarbonate/abs material
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Sturdy ergonomic chrome telescoping handle

American tourister Disney 18inch upright hardside

The bag is made of a 100% ABS plastic; this provides a hard protective layer for the bag, making it more durable enough. The travel luggage for kids is imported from China, though it is available in American shops making it more available for the individuals who cannot import the product.

The bag has a nylon lining, these acts as a water proof making it suitable to travel with even in the winter periods. One is able to travel for a vocation despite the weather that is prevailing within a particular place. All the items packed within the bag are protected from any form of wet.

The bag has a zipper closure; this offers enough packing space for the item in addition with the extra protection to the items in the bag. The bag is of a dimension of 9 high and 13 wide. It is able to provide an enough space for all the items in the bag. The kids travel suitcase has a side mounted scale wheels and a monotype pull handle .This makes it easier to move despite the terrain in place.

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Has a bad smell because of the nylon
American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard Side, Cars, One Size
  • Side mounted skate wheels, mono tube pull handle
  • American Tourister branding, color matching logo on the back panel
  • Disney branded zipper pulls, large mesh pocket on the interior
  • Cross straps
  • 18x13x9

Rockland luggage 20 inch polycarbonate carry on

The bag is made of a 100% polycarbonate .This provides a strong outer protection for the bag, thus making it more preferred by most of the individuals.

The bag comes with a variety of colors; this makes it more attractive to most of the individuals or even kids. The travel suitcase for kids is very sturdy but very light thus easy to move with when travelling. The bag can also be used in case one is travelling for a short trip. It is able to pack as much as possible items into the bag since it has a bigger size.

The bag is  very easy to handle, and one does not need any form of education or knowledge to use it. Though the bag is not of a greater quality as compared to other bags. The travel luggage for kids has a handle that makes it easier to push; it also has a wheel that helps it for easy moving from one point to another.

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Colorful
  • Poor quality
Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On, Departure, One Size
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable polycarbonate/abs material
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Sturdy ergonomic chrome telescoping handle
  • Interior mesh zip pocket and elasticated

Why Your Kids Need Their Own Luggage

For some parents it may be a bit confusing to choose a proper suitcase for their little ones as there is a great variety of models and colors on the market today. When buying travel luggage a key point for children will be its design, of course. Cartoon lovers may find bags with favorite characters or super heroes. Suitcases in the shape of animals will be to the taste of the youngest ones. Amazing luggage may become a reliable companion for your kid during the journey. What is more, bright and colorful bags can be easily found among others at the airport.

Besides a nice design, luggage for children should have a number of other useful features. First of all it should be lightweight for a long journey, so kids can carry it without parents’ help even when it is full. A great benefit as well is its resistance to damages. Children are often not so careful so parents must be sure that all things will be safe while travelling. It may be a real challenge to choose the best travel suitcase for your kid. For this reason it will be useful for parents to study some luggage reviews, pictures and video on this page before making a purchase.

Some Pros and Cons to Consider before Buying Best Luggage for Children

Now when we have a great variety of kid’s luggage for any taste, parents may relax and enjoy travel preparations. It is a great chance to keep children busy while packing their thing and staying at the airport as well.

Personal suitcases for children provide a big number of benefits for both parents and their little ones:

Kids learn to be responsible for their goods;

They feel more independent when packing their things for a trip;

It is a great fun to roll a suitcase at the airport;

Bright luggage will attract attention of other kids.

Parents may also find some disadvantages of purchasing luggage for their children:

It can be expensive for those who are on a budget;

Parents will have one more luggage item to carry if their kids get tired;

Suitcase of poor quality can be easily damaged;

Children will want latest styles each year.

Some Tips about How to Choose the Best Luggage for Kids

One day when you decide to buy your kids their own luggage you may forget about fuss while preparing for a trip. It is a good chance to involve children in preparations. Packing their own things will let them to become more independent and responsible. Parents may relax a bit as this process will keep little ones busy and excited. What is more, you will have an additional bag for all that stuff that kids may need during a journey.

Don’t think that children luggage is useful only for long lasting trips. If your kids go camping, visit their Granny’s at the weekend or just prefer to stay at night at their friend’s house, suitcase will be absolutely indispensable thing for them.

There is a big selection of sizes so you can easily choose a proper bag that may suit even a toddler. When you children have a high quality and durable luggage you may be sure that all their goods will be safe while travelling.

Pay attention to material that the suitcase is made of. It is the first thing that influences durability of the luggage. There should be enough compartments and pockets to keep your kids things in order. Some hard hell bags don’t have external pockets. However, it is an important feature as your child may keep their some snacks and drinks which should be within quick reach.

The Best Material for Kids travel luggage

Material Luggage item Benefits
Nylon Bags, suitcases, backpacks
  • easily washable;
  • incredibly light weight;
  • a big variety of colors;
  • flexible.
Polyester Suitcases, backpack, bag
  • the cheapest soft material;
  • durable;
  • easily washed and quick dry.
Polycarbonate Suitcases
  • the strongest luggage material;
  • impact resistant;
  • lightweight;
  • waterproof.

Video — Review the Bests travel Luggages for Kids

All parents want to choose best things for their kids. When it comes to choosing luggage there are no exceptions as well. A perfect travel bag for little ones should be durable and resistant to damages. It is important to be sure that all things will be safe while travelling. In order not to overload your kid, you should choose light weight luggage which will be easily rolled even when fully packed.

Children will be happy to get bright suitcase with colorful graphics of favorite cartoon animals. Before choosing a proper model it will be useful to study some kids’ luggage review. We hope that this YouTube video will help you to make the right choice when purchasing the best travel bag for your children.

Let’s Come to the End

We hope that our kid’s luggage reviews will be useful for you when choosing a high quality suitcase for your kid. We will continue to keep up with latest luggage models and designs in order to offer you the best kid’s bags for travelling. If you still have some questions, you may leave your comment below or share your experience with others, go ahead!

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